Steps to get to Localization with Helena Norberg-Hodge

By shifting from values to structures, we will break down the destructive patterns of our society

In our search for alternatives for the current socio-economic system we are very much drawn to the work of Helena Norberg-Hodge. Being one of the most vocal persons in favour of ‘localization‘, Helena talks about ‘big picture activism’. This means it is utterly important to understand the power structures and ideologies that have laid the foundations for economic globalization, resulting in increased inequality and ecological deprivation.

In order to ‘go local’ we should not forget to break down the global structures that are preventing change on a structural base. So it’s not so much a matter of values, but of structures. People working in big business often want the best for the world too, but in Helena’s eyes multinationals simply cannot instigate the fundamental change, because they thrive in the current system, which includes creating short term value for shareholders.

So, what exactly is localization? 
Localization simply means shortening the distance between producers and consumers wherever possible. It is about ensuring that business conforms to the needs of democracy and genuine sustainability. For individuals it means emphasizing what makes life meaningful: connection with others and with the natural world.

Missed it? We recorded the whole webinar! You can watch it here:

Elisabeth van der Spek from design studio Reggs made this compelling visual of the event. Scale down, slow down, go local and become a Big Picture Activist!